Fundraising Ideas

Looking for a great way to raise funds?

This is a great fundraising opportunity for your school or charity.

New Zealand Online is a new business directory that offers free website pages for small New Zealand Businesses. We want more businesses to sign up and need people to promote the site in their local areas.

Although we offer a valuable advertising resource for small businesses for free, we have found that the thing that prevents many from signing up is the difficulty they experience with setting up their page. Many business owners are not Internet savvy and find the process difficult and time consuming. To help them and to increase the number of subscribers, we wish to encourage savvy individuals to contact local businesses to offer to help with this process as facilitators.

We envisage that facilitators would charge a fee for this service. On the other hand what we offer is free so we don't wish to be directly involved in this process and are not asking for a fee or commission from the facilitator. The fee charged and any financial arrangements are entirely between the business and facilitator. Any money earned is kept entirely by the facilitator to be donated to their good cause. The only benefit to New Zealand Online is an increase in subscribers. Try this if you are looking at fundraising ideas and are Internet savvy and enjoy engaging with people to offer a great service that benefits both parties.

Facilitators are not employed by New Zealand Online and are not agents. There are no financial arrangements whatsoever between NZO and facilitators or the charities they support. Any contractual arrangements are between the independent facilitators and their clients.

We don't ask you to enrol or sign up to be a facilitator. In fact we don't even need to hear from you. All we wish to do is encourage motivated and personable folk to spread the word about New Zealand Online and do some fundraising for a good cause whilst doing so.

There are some great fundraising ideas to choose from. This one involves no financial outlay and offers mutual benefits to both local businesses and good causes such as schools and local charities.

What's the catch?

No catch, this is a genuine opportunity. The sort that doesn't appear often.

So what next?

Check out the process of setting up a web page and make sure you can manage it. It's very easy but you do need to get your head around the features. So practice first. Sorry, we don't offer training. If you can't work it out then it's not for you. Start here by studying our page example.


Get on the phone, hit the streets, talk to business people you know, pop into business in your area. Spread the word and offer your services. Raise some funds.

How much should you charge?

You don't work for us so it's entirely up to you. Keep your fee reasonable and you'll get more business. The more you do, the quicker you'll finish a page and the more economical it becomes.

Anything you should avoid?

We will not allow pages that encourage illegal activities or that promote pornography, the sex industry, gambling, dating, racism, hatred, illicit drug use or any activity that we deem to be indecent or likely to cause offense. We reserve the right to allow or disallow any page. Our decision to forbid or delete a page is final.

Remember that this is a business directory and we only allow pages from genuine small businesses and charities.

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